Jesse Spencer Won't Be On Tonight's 'House' But We've Got Him Here...

Jessespencer Before we all get our panties in a bunch over the exclusion of Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison from House's 100th episode -- which airs this evening -- let us consider a couple things: While the situation definitely sucks, tonight's hour is nothing more than a standard ep of the show, just as executive producer David Shore intended. And as this fifth season continues, the promise of more Spencer-Morrison screen time looms. Jesse muses on these subjects, his fans and why he's not a huge Chase-Cameron proponent with KTV reporter, Marisa Roffman...

So, everybody is celebrating the 100th episode, but you're not in it.
Jesse Spencer: It's not a special episode. It just happens to be the 100th episode.

Even if it isn't a "special" episode, you've got very passionate fans who will be really disappointed by your absence. They've been asking to see you more.
JS: Oh really? That's awesome, that's really cool. I hope they still like the show. I assume they do because the numbers are up. So they're still watching. So that's a good thing.

Will we be seeing you more in the future?
JS: Yeah, yeah. I think so. I think there's going to be more stuff at the end of season five, start of season six. Actually, I can say that's pretty definite. I haven't seen [the scripts] yet. I don't know what it will be exactly. I just know I'm going to be involved in a more substantial way in the episodes to come.

We saw Cameron briefly take on Cuddy's job. Might we see Chase more involved with the team, even temporarily?
JS: Am I going to be taking Foreman's place? [Laughs] No, it's going to be nothing like that. They haven't told me specifically what it is, which is smart of them, because otherwise I'd just tell you. I just know I'm going to be around more.

If you had to guess...
JS: It's probably going to be Chase/Cameron stuff.

Maybe furthering the Chase/Cameron relationship?
JS: Or destroying it. Maybe they'll destroy it. Maybe they'll break us up.

Fans seem to have a fondness for this couple, because we've been watching Chase and Cameron grow into this relationship for the past five years.
JS: I know a lot of people want more relationship stuff, but I'm not a fan of it. If it's pertinent to the show -- and we are essentially a procedural drama -- I don't mind it. But if it's just Chase and Cameron going bowling, who cares? As soon as you get away from that procedural element and start worrying about relationships between the characters too much, I think it gets soapy... for lack of a better term. We don't want to do that. I think our show works best when we rely and focus on what the show is, which is House and the procedural element and how these characters are involved in that.

Since we are celebrating the 100th episode today, what would you say is the biggest change Chase has undergone since the pilot?
JS: Wow. The biggest change? I think it's just the seasoning of all the characters. Since season four, [Chase, Cameron and Foreman] have been in different areas and I think it's just matured them more than anything. It's given them a sense of self-worth. Being under House is like being under a dictator more or less -- a good one, it's kind of the dictator you'd want to be under if you're going to be under one -- but I think over the four years, they did become more confident and found out who they are a bit more. We're becoming more like House over time, except our characters always seem to have [better] bedside manner, I think, than House.
But I kind of like the position that Chase [has been] in for the past couple of years. It's a different energy, not being in the differentials and doing something else. Sort of being on the sidelines, and if House needs something, Chase is more than likely going to do it for him and get the job done. Being on the side, it's more of an even level than before. I think everyone has a role to play and it'll be interesting to see where it goes.

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