Jessica Alba's 'Street Fighter' Instagram photos go viral

If someone were to say that actress Jessica Alba was part of an internet meme, this might be the last possible thing they'd think of. Alba has been posting photos on Instagram of herself and some friends reenacting fighting moves from the video game "Street Fighter." In doing so, she's lending the game more legitimacy than the movie adaptation starring Jean-Claude Van Damme ever could.

It started April 13 with a photo of Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, posing as if he was shooting a fireball at her from his hands. In the game the move is known as a "hadouken." Fittingly, Alba captioned the photo "What u know 'bout #HADOUKEN"

From there, Alba posted more photos with others friends, even in groups. The "hadouken" hash tag has taken on a life of its own on the internet, with people coming up with their own creations, paying tribute to the game.

Though the first "Street Fighter" was released in 1987, it was "Street Fighter II" that made the series a pop culture phenomenon in 1991. Since it's release, there have been 14 different fighting games released under the "Street Fighter" banner, including six special editions of part two.

Check out Jessica Alba's hadouken photos, along with one of the internet's best, below: