Jessica Simpson debuts post-baby weight loss: 'All the weight did not come out with the baby!'

katie-couric-jessica-simpson-weight-loss-pics-fat-photos-skinny-katie-abc.jpg Jessica Simpson has lost 40 pounds since giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson in May, and on Monday (Sept. 10), she debuted her post-pregnancy figure on Katie Couric's new talk show.

"During pregnancy, I didn't really think about it," she tells Couric of gaining the pregnancy pounds. "I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen. All the weight did not come out with the baby!"  

Simpson, who says she weighed 170 pounds at her heaviest, is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and is changing her habits and her relationship with food, which probably means skipping out on the "slutty brownies" (cookie dough + Oreos + brownie batter = yum) she indulged in while pregnant.

"You have to track every bit, and you can't get away with the bites because they add up," she says. "You have to be completely honest with yourself, and I think just creating that relationship of honesty with yourself is so good."

Check out another pic Simpson posted of herself on Twitter after her "Katie" appearance.

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Photo/Video credit: ABC and Twitter