Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey: Who does the nude baby belly pose best?

jessica-simpson-demi-moore.jpgOn the cover of April's Elle magazine, Jessica Simpson strikes a familiar pose -- a totally nude pregnancy profile. It's more than reminiscent of Demi Moore's 1991 Vanity Fair cover in which she, too, posed naked and preggo for Annie Liebovitz in what has become an iconic image.

But Jessica and Demi aren't the only high-wattage moms-to-be who have bared their bumps for the magazine reading public. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and more have all given the pose a try. Here's a sampler of some of the more memorable shots:

Aguilera: baby-bump-aguilera.jpg

Cindy Crawford:

baby-bump-cindy-crawford.jpg Claudia Schiffer:


baby-bump-mariah-carey.jpg RuPaul's 2011 holiday cards: