Jimmy Fallon lands President Obama as 'Late Night' guest

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jimmy-fallon-gets-barack-obama.jpg Jimmy Fallon will welcome Barack Obama to "Late Night" next week, marking the first time the president has visited his show.

"Late Night" will tape a special broadcast at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Tuesday (April 24), with Obama as the sole on-the-couch guest. Dave Matthews will be the musical guest.

It's a win-win for both sides: Fallon has a huge get for his show, and the president gets to make an appearance in a swing state in the November election.

Fallon sent a pretty excited tweet about the booking early Friday, writing, "The President of the United States!?!?! @BarackObama see you Tuesday!!!"

So our only question now is, Will the president play Beer Pong with Jimmy? Maybe a round of Catchphrase? We'll find out next week.
Photo/Video credit: NBC