Jimmy Fallon passes Seth Meyers the 'Late Night' pickle

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jimmy-fallon-late-night-pickle-pass-seth-meyers.jpgThere's a tradition in the world of "Late Night" on NBC -- a giant pickle. It got started with the first host, David Letterman, who left "Late Night" in 1993. When Letterman left for his own show on CBS, he passed the pickle to Conan O'Brien.

When O'Brien left "Late Night" for his brief stint on "The Tonight Show" in 2009, he passed the pickle to Jimmy Fallon, the video of which is below. We wish it had happened in person, but we suppose a note is nice too.

Now Fallon is passing the pickle to his "Saturday Night Live" cohort Seth Meyers, who is taking over "Late Night" on Monday, Feb. 24 after Fallon moves to "The Tonight Show." Video below, of both the pickle-passing and the interview.


Photo/Video credit: NBC