Jimmy Kimmel asks kids to judge the Presidential debate (VIDEO)

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Jimmy-Kimmel-Live-Kids-Presidential-Debate-ABC.jpgSince everyone else has weighed in on this week's Presidential Debate, why shouldn't kids?

In a skit on his ABC late night show last night, Jimmy Kimmel sat down with four little kids -- definitely not of voting age -- to get their opinions on Wednesday night's showdown between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, moderated by Jim Lehrer.

So what did they think?

What's so funny about Lehrer? "His face." "His eyes."

Who's Obama debating? "Mitt Ronny!"

How much do you think the President makes? "350." "$5."

Watch the video below and see how the topics span monsters, cotton candy and women in the White House ("most girls I know don't like white"). It's a lot shorter than the actual debate, and more interesting too.

Photo/Video credit: Hulu