Jimmy Kimmel sends lunch to the staff of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

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The two Jimmies really do like each other. Once and future late-night rivals Jimmy Kimmel (ABC) and Jimmy Fallon (NBC) are doing a great job of supporting each other in the wake of the news that Fallon would be taking over for Jay Leno at "The Tonight Show" in 2014.

Today's sign of support: Kimmel provided lunch for Fallon and his "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" staff at their New York City studio  on Thursday (April 4).

Fallon posted an Instagram photo of the deli spread, saying:

"Thank you Jimmy Kimmel and staff for the 2nd Ave Deli lunch. Class act."

The photo shows a table covered with corned-beef sandwiches and sides from the NYC deli.

This continues to mark a difference in Kimmel's relationship with "Tonight Show" hosts. Throughout his tenure on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the host has repeatedly made jokes at the expense of Jay Leno. The relationship between Kimmel and Fallon, on the other hand, has always seemed cordial and possibly even friendly. When the news of Fallon's future gig was announced on Wednesday (April 3), for example, Kimmel was quick to tweet his support.

It looks like late-night television could be a much friendlier place in the future.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images