Joan Rivers calls Chelsea Handler a 'drunk' and a 'whore'

joan-rivers-chelsea-handler.jpgAs far as celebrity feuds go, Joan Rivers vs. Chelsea Handler is proving to be a fun one, given the fact that both women are known for being outspoken and brash. After Rivers and Handler traded underhanded insults, Howard Stern asked Handler whether she was offended by Rivers' criticism on his Jan. 23 show.

"Joan Rivers? What the [expletive] do I care about Joan Rivers?" Handler responded. "I don't think about either one of them. Ever."

When Rivers stopped by Stern's show, though, she wasn't quite so ambivalent about Handler and made some fairly shocking (though, of course, unoriginal) accusations. "I'll tell you, number one, the girl made it on her back," Rivers said, claiming that Handler's success was based on the fact that she dated the president of E! Network.

"Number two, she's fine, she's ordinary. She's not a genius," Rivers continued. "Whatever she is, she's a drunk. She has her own show. I don't wish her good luck. I don't wish her bad luck. But don't come after me, you whore."

Uh... them's fightin' words if we ever heard 'em.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images