Joe Jonas has a 'Fastlife' with first solo album

joe-jonas-fastlife-album.jpg Joe Jonas has struck out on his own from Disney pop trio the Jonas Brothers. His first solo album, "Fastlife," drops Tuesday (Oct. 11). So far the reviews are less than stellar.

Chris Willman of Reuters writes:

"'Fastlife' isn't a terrible album, just a terribly producer-driven one, which leaves Jonas trying to fit into producer Danja's all-electro arrangements ... The album bears a few passably entertaining tracks, the best being 'All This Time,' which -- maybe not coincidentally -- is the closest thing to a rock ballad, its martial beat notwithstanding. Silliest? That's a tie between 'Kleptomaniac' and 'Love Slayer,' which has Joe bragging, 'I'm 'bout to shut this thing down-down-down-down-down,' the last word getting the kind of simulated record-skipping repetition that must've seemed awfully original 10 years ago ... Once 'Fastlife' fails to afford Joe the desired Timberlake-type transition, it should be time to grow the hair back out at least as long as the eyebrows and fast-track a JoBros reunion."


The Washington Post's Allison Stewart says:

"'Fastlife' works best when it stays mild (like 'I'm Sorry,' which sounds like a great lost Backstreet Boys ballad). Edgier fare like the Pitbull-esque 'Love Slayer' doesn't always convince, though a riotous, Lil Wayne-featured remix of 'Just in Love' is the best thing here. Eighteen months ago the pairing would have been unthinkable, but these days Weezy is unbearably mild and Jonas is (sort of) wild and somehow, it seems just right."

We just can't believe there's a song on the album called "Love Slayer." Will you be picking up some "Fastlife"?

Photo/Video credit: Hollywood Records