Joe Manganiello: 10 out-of-context, sexual-sounding workout quotes

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Joe Manganiello visited "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Tuesday (Dec. 3) to promote his workout video, "Evolution." But many of the exercise-related quotes from the "True Blood" star's visit could be taken out-of-context to sound somewhat sexual.

Because this is the very hot man who plays Alcide the werewolf, let's just pretend these 10 quotes are not just about exercise. They're much more fun that way.

1. "The first is going to be some chest flies."

2. "The idea is to push your body."

3. "There's a place where you never thought was possible."

4. "First, let's get a little blood going."

5. "Our heads, this is what keeps us from achieving our goals."

6. "Now we've got some blood in there."

7. "Lean back, back onto the bench."

8. "A lot of times people say, hug the barrel, but that's not the proper form."

9. "I think there's a bit of masochism that goes along with it."

10. "Bounce up!"

Now, all you have to do is imagine Joe Manganiello saying these things to you in the bedroom, and you can exercise your way to a perfect body!


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, HBO