Joe Manganiello taught Conan O'Brien some striper dance moves

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conan-obrien-joe-manganiello-stripper-dance-body-roll.jpgEver wanted to see Conan O'Brien practice his best stripper dance moves? Well, for those few of you who have always dreamed of such a thing, check out the talk show host's interview with experienced stripper Joe Manganiello on "Conan."

Manganiello, who starred as Big Dick Richie in the seminal stripper classic "Magic Mike" and has now produced a documentary about male strippers called "La Bare," taught the red-headed one some very important sexy dance moves on a recent appearance.

First, he gave O'Brien a stripper name -- Big Red, in case you're wondering -- then things got really weird. Or sexy. You decide.

Photo/Video credit: TBS