John Mayer gets choked up apologizing for Playboy interview at concert

John-Mayer-playboy.jpg John Mayer took the stage Wednesday night (Feb. 10), to apologize for his off-the-wall, possibly racist interview he gave to Playboy that had the internet abuzz.

He says, "I was slashing myself up inside ... In my quest to be clever, to be clever, ya know? In the quest to be clever and try and uh, slither out of what I perceive to be constant persecution ... which may or may not be happening ... I completely forgot about the people that I love and the people that love me.

Mayer goes on to talk about a wormhole of selfishness and trying to be speedy and witty and buying himself another day without someone pinning him down and saying, "You're a creep." He also refers to himself as a "possible future grown-up."