Johnny Depp supports 'West of Memphis' at Toronto International Film Festival

johnny-depp-toronto-zapshots.jpgPlenty of A-list stars gathered in Toronto for the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, including one Johnny Depp, who was on hand to support the documentary "West of Memphis."

Depp has been a supporter of the West Memphis Three, a group of men who were wrongly imprisoned on death row for 18 years and later released. The doc, which premiered at TIFF, examines the case, and Depp tells MTV he became interested in the story after watching the early documentary about the men, "Paradise Lost."

The documentaries presented a strong argument that evidence was overlooked during the investigation, and Depp says, that he was horrified by the way it was handled. "Before I saw anything else or read anything else, I was instantly struck by how heinous a crime [it was], but also the wave of injustice that followed it," he says. "As a person," he said, "I couldn't stand by and allow that to happen."

Check out some photos of Depp supporting "West of Memphis" at TIFF.


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Photo/Video credit: Getty Images