Jolie-ing! Angelina Jolie's Oscars pose spawns the new Tebow-ing

Angelina Jolie knows how to work a red carpet and, it turns out, launch the biggest craze since Denver Bronco Tim Tebow dropped to one knee on the gridiron and launched a gajillion imitators.

That's right, Jolie-ing -- a meme spawned by Jolie's provocative, yet sorta weird -- go-to pose at Sunday's (Feb. 27) Oscars. We had a feeling this would happen when a Twitter account -- @Angiesrightleg -- for her leg was launched within minutes of her rocking the pose on stage. Then, soon after, best original screenplay winners Alexander Payne and Jim Rash became the first official Jolie-ing imitators.

jolie-rath-getty.jpgNow the meme has spread like wildfire, with everyone from Kelly Ripa to "The Talk's" hosts striking the pose. Below, we've included a sampling of some of the best Jolie-ing moments we've seen so far.

Ripa and Lucy Liu on Tuesday's "Live with Kelly!":

jolie-ing-kelly-ripa-lucy-liu.jpg "The Talk's" line-up:

jolie-ing-the-talk.jpgSome random dude uploaded to the fabulous, time-wasting angelinajolieing tumblr page:

joli-ing-some-dude.jpg Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb get a visit from Jolie's leg on "Today":

jolie-ing-hoda-kathie-lee.jpgAnd, finally, the double-Jolie:


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/ABC/NBC