Jon Bon Jovi isn't dead, just the latest victim of Internet death hoax

jon-bon-jovi-robbed-gi.jpgWe're starting to think that being the target of an "Internet death hoax" should be a certified rite of passage for which celebrities receive some kind of Girl Scout-like merit badge. If they did, Jon Bon Jovi would be the latest to add that annoying accomplishment to his sash.

According to Gossip Cop, a story circulating on Twitter claimed that the Bon Jovi frontman had been found "in a coma" at a hotel in New Jersey and was taken to a hospital where he subsequently "suffered cardiac arrest."

But Bon Jovi's reps tell Gossip Cop that the 49-year-old rocker is alive and well and will, in fact, be performing at a charity gig Monday (Dec. 19) evening in New Jersey.

Don't worry, Jon. We still want you (waaaant you) "dead or alive."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images