Jon Stewart responds to Stephen Colbert's Emmy win: Watch

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If there was anyone who could have defeated "The Daily Show's" decade-long domination of the Outstanding Variety Series Emmy Award, it was "The Colbert Report." Stephen Colbert finally took home the long-deserved honor (as well as the Emmy for Best Writing in a Variety Series), and he couldn't wait to rub it in Jon Stewart's face.

Stewart came on "The Colbert Report" following Colbert's win to congratulate his peer. "Stephen Colbert, I couldn't be happier for you," Stewart tells him, nipping the rivalry in the bud. "I love and respect you. I have unbelievable admiration for everybody that works here. You guys are awesome, I just stopped by to congratulate you."

But it was more than just a stop to congratulate Colbert. Stewart came by to remind his fellow Comedy Central host that a win for him was a win for both of them.

"If my being upset about breaking the 10 year winning streak would make you happy, I would do it," Stewart tells Colbert. "I would, but I can't because I'm an executive producer on your show so I won again mother*****!" Ah, now that's more like it.

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central