Jonah Hill hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Watch his best and worst sketches


Jonah Hill hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the third time on Jan. 25, and he was joined by not only his "Wolf of Wall Street" co-star Leonardo DiCaprio (making every female in the country extremely jealous when they re-created an iconic "Titanic" scene) but he was also reunited with his "Superbad" co-star and BFF Michael Cera for a hilarious and meta Spike Jonze parody.

All in all, Hill made it clear why he was completing an "SNL" hat trick with his commitment to all his sketches and willingness to do anything ... even wear women's makeup. Watch his best and worst sketches below:

Best - Cold open: Men's Heterosexual Figure Skating

With all the controversy surrounding the Russian anti-gay laws in preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympics, the US decided to avoid any issues and send a completely heterosexual men's figure stating team to the games. Of course, the skaters they found weren't all that great:

Best - Monologue with Leonard DiCaprio

It was simultaneously hilarious and epic and nostalgic and made us green with envy. After Hill let his ego get too big and started trash-talking DiCaprio, Leo walked onstage to knock him down a peg. After a stern lecture about not acting like such a big shot, Hill asked him to do "the thing" they always did on set to help him not be so nervous, and this happened:

Best - Adam Grossman at Benihana

We all knew it was coming, and Hill delivered ... but his recurring sketch about a old-at-heart six-year-old at Benihana actually felt fresh instead of stale. Listen up, future hosts, this is how you bring back recurring sketches successfully:

Worst - The Hit

This just went on for way too long. If it was about half as long it would have been hilarious, watching thugs talk about the beauty of winter, but by the end we were just staring at our watches:

Best - Couples Quiz

This sketch could have been awful, but thanks to Hill's commitment and selling of his shame, it had us howling with laughter. You just felt for the poor guy who clogged the toilet, on top of another clog:

Worst - Weekend Update: The Officer Who Arrested Justin Bieber

With everything that happened this week with Justin Bieber's arrest going down just one week after Kate McKinnon introduced her spot-on Bieber impression, this was what they decided to go with? Complete waste of an opportunity:

Worst - Weekend Update: Olya Povlatsky

Seriously, they had McKinnon do this instead of Bieber? What were they thinking?

Best - Spike Jonze Parody: "Me"

This completely meta parody of "Her" was perfect, right down to the fact that it was Hill who starred in it. Having him fall in love with himself? They couldn't have made fun of his new ego any better. Plus, having Cera show up for a recreation of their cuddling at the end of "Superbad" had us feeling all kinds of nostalgic:

Best - Dinner at the Boss' House

Once again, Hill saved an otherwise doomed sketch with his commitment to selling the character:

Worst - Inside SoCal

This was a good idea in concept, but it just went on way too long. They could have cut the beginning and just focused on when Beck Bennett started psycho-analyzing Hill's relationship with his father:

Best - Lamborghini

This sketch is always a winner, and Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong were on the top of their game tonight. And Hill fit right in:

Musical guest: Bastille, "Pompeii" and "Oblivion"

Bastille's popularity is skyrocketing thanks to the radio playing their single "Pompeii" constantly, so of course it made sense to play that first. But thankfully they had another set to show off their much more interesting song "Oblivion," which is so hauntingly beautiful we kept rewinding to watch it all over again:

So what was your favorite sketch from Hill's show?

Photo/Video credit: NBC