Jonathan Taylor Thomas on 'Last Man Standing': Watch his reunion with Tim Allen online now

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jonathan-taylor-thomas-last-man-standing.jpgNext week's "Last Man Standing" season finale reunites Tim Allen with his "Home Improvement" son Jonathan Taylor Thomas -- and, as expected, there are plenty of wink-wink nudge-nudge references to their Tool Time days.

In the clips below (which encompass most of JTT's screen time on the show), Thomas can be seen talking about how the middle sitcom child is usually the funniest, and later, meeting Allen's character for the first time.

He plays Jon, an old friend of Kristen's who owns a swanky restaurant in town and offers her a new job when she believes it's time to move on with her life... and out of her parents' house. Watch the clips below to see the reunion!

Photo/Video credit: ABC