Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick talk '50/50's' lack of love story

joseph-gordon-levitt-anna-kendrick.jpg "50/50" is a new dramedy about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Adam being diagnosed with cancer and how he chooses to deal with his life after the diagnosis. Anna Kendrick plays Katherine, a potential love interest. But writer Will Reiser tells MTV it was never meant to be a love story.

"We very much resisted them kissing. The movie is not a love story. It's about a guy's battle with cancer. If it turned into a love story at the end, we would be betraying what the movie is about. That kiss is the start of another movie."

Maybe we can look forward to the love story sequel! But Kendrick might not be on board - she says the thought of kissing her good friend was kind of weird.

"The studio wanted to see us kiss at the end, actually. We were thinking about just trying it as an option. [Gordon-Levitt] very wisely stood up and said, 'If we give it to them as an option, they will use it.' So we just decided not to do it, because it really just didn't feel right. And I was relieved, because I had known Joe for too long at that point. It's too weird once you think of someone as a friend to be like, 'OK, I guess we make out now?'" says Kendrick.

But Gordon-Levitt's response was a bit different to the lack of kiss.

"It's a travesty," he jokes. "It's a horrible injustice, and I'm writing a letter."

Did you see "50/50" in theaters this weekend? What did you think?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images