Josh and Anna Duggar expecting their third child

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josh-anna-duggar-expecting-third-child.jpgTLC reality show family the Duggars have "19 Kids and Counting," and now oldest Duggar child Josh and wife Anna are well on their way, though they do have some major catching-up to do.

Josh and Anna tell People they are pregnant with their third child. The pair already have daughter Mackynzie, 3, and son Michael, 21 months.

Anna says she took a pregnancy test when the Duggar family visits Asia in the "19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia" premiere on Tuesday (March 12), but it came up negative. However, she thought for sure she was pregnant and two weeks later, she found out she was.

"It is very exciting. It's fun for Michael and Mackynzie being so close in age and this baby will be, too," says Josh. "We feel very blessed and happy."

Anna says she's doing well so far, despite being sick in Asia and then suffering from morning sickness when they returned home. "But now, I have more energy than I ever had before," says Anna.

As for the baby's gender, Josh and Anna know what it is, but they aren't telling. They also say they've narrowed the name down to two -- but won't confirm it will be another "M" name.
Photo/Video credit: Duggar family blog