Josh Holloway birthday: Celebrate with Sawyer's best moments from 'Lost'

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Josh Holloway celebrates his 45th birthday on Sunday, July 20, 2014. You can celebrate too with a series of videos and images of Sawyer from "Lost" and more.

Believe it or not, Holloway's first credited role on television was a rather prominent one. In the premiere episode of "Angel," Holloway plays the handsome fellow met by the titular character in a bar. Then he turns into a vampire.

angel-good-looking-guy-josh-holloway-wb.jpgMore recently, Holloway starred in the CBS series, "Intelligence."

But most people know Holloway best as Sawyer. And most people know that Sawyer liked nicknames.

And of course no look at Holloway could be complete without a compilation of "Lost" scenes featuring Sawyer's favorite exclamation.

Happy birthday Josh Holloway!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, The WB, ABC, CBS