Joshua Bell to spend New Year's Eve with Josh Groban, celebrating Marvin Hamlisch

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joshua-bell-josh-groban-2005-gi.jpg Zap2it: What are you performing on PBS' New Year's Eve special, "Live From Lincoln Center - One Singular Sensation: Celebrating Marvin Hamlisch"?

Joshua Bell: It looks like I am going to perform the last piece, the only piece I have ever done with Marvin Hamlisch since it is going to be a tribute to him. We did an arrangement of "I'll Take Manhattan," and it looks like I will perform an arrangement of that, and it will be a fun surprise, and hopefully it will be a fun evening as well as bittersweet that Marvin passed away way too suddenly.

Zap2it: Haven't you spent New Year's Eve at Lincoln Center performing before?

Joshua Bell: I did once with Lorin Maazel, a few years ago ... [the years] go by so fast now.

I've done a lot of "Live From Lincoln Center." It will be fun to be in my adopted hometown now and get to spend it making music. I almost always leave New Year's Eve free, but to play with the [New York] Philharmonic on New Year's Eve is something special, so I am happy about that. I usually try to find some really close friends or family. Seeking big parties on New Year's Eve is no fun anymore. I went to Times Square when I first moved here, and I did that once. New Year's Eve is about celebrating your close relationships and family and friends and finding a good meal. ... Josh Groban (also performing on the show) is one of my close friends, so he and I will probably do something.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images