Juan-Carlos Cruz allegedly hired homeless men to slit wife's throat with a box-cutter

juan-carlos-cruz-mugshot.jpgThe homeless men allegedly hired by former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz (remember the "Calorie Commander?") claim they were instructed by Cruz to "cut a woman's throat."

According to TMZ, a homeless dude named Little Dave, said that Cruz offered to pay him "a grand" to kill his wife. He gave Little Dave a box with a box cutter, a disposable cell phone, gloves and a pocket watch. He says Cruz gave him $500 upfront and promised the other half when the job was done.  

Little Dave says he then told his friend Shane the story.  Shane says he called Cruz on the disposable phone and they reviewed the plan.  Shane then got a third homeless man involved -- Big Dave.

So that's Big Dave, Little Dave and Shane. Got that?