Judd Apatow plans 'Knocked Up' semi-sequel; Elijah Wood may make 'Hobbit' cameo

knocked-up.jpgBite-sized pieces of movie news to start your weekend:

Judd Apatow's next movie will feature characters from his biggest hit, "Knocked Up," but it's not exactly a sequel. The film, tentatively set for summer 2012, will focus on Pete ( Paul Rudd) and Debbie ( Leslie Mann, Apatow's real-life wife); there's no word yet on whether Seth Rogen or Katherine Heigl would reprise their roles. [ Variety]

Speaking of reprising roles: Elijah Wood will play Frodo Baggins once again in "The Hobbit." He'll be featured at the beginning of the two movies in a sort of framing device, reading from his relative Bilbo's account of his "There and Back Again" adventure. [ TheOneRing.net]

Photo/Video credit: Universal Pictures