Julie Taymor sues producers of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'

spider-man-turn-off-the-dar.jpgActor injuries, bad reviews, blogger jokes and massive delays ... nothing has managed to stop the drama-plagued Broadway show, "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." Still, it does seem to have a dark cloud hanging over it. Seriously, did someone commit the utter theater sin of exclaiming "Macbeth" in the theater? Someone should really run around the building three times and spit to break the curse, because now creator Julie Taymor is suing the producers.

According to Showbiz411, Taymor has named as the defendants Michael Cohl's 8 Legged Productions in her suit. She's been in arbitration for months trying to get compensated for the work she did on the show. After 9 years of working on the show, Taymor has received only $150,000 in compensation for a show with a a reported $70 million budget.

As you may recall, Taymor was kicked off the show (ouch) last spring after a series of delays and creative differences. The actors dropping like flies probably didn't help. Now it's going to court.

Taymor's attorney Charles Spada told the site, "As the lawsuit makes clear, the defendants have violated Ms. Taymor's creative rights as an author of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark."  Moreover, the producers have failed to compensate Ms. Taymor for their continued use of her work to date, despite the fact that the show has consistently played to capacity or near-capacity houses since its first public performance in November 2010.  Ms. Taymor regrets that the producers' actions have left her no choice but to resort to legal recourse to protect her rights.  Ms. Taymor continues to support the talented and hardworking cast and crew, and she remains proud of her creative work on the production for over seven years, not only as an author, but as the director, mask designer, and collaborator."

You've read the "Spider-Man" stories. You know about all the accidents and reviews. So ... do you think she deserves more money? Most importantly, would you go see it? Let us know!
Photo/Video credit: Marvel