'Justified' Season 5 gets a premiere date, 'Archer' moves to Monday nights

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justified-season-5-premiere-date.jpgFX and FXX have set premiere dates for several shows in early 2014, including the fifth seasons of "Justified" and "Archer," Season 2 of "Legit" and new animated series "Chozen."

"Justified" will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 7 on FX. The new season will feature Raylan ( Timothy Olyphant) squaring off with the Crowe family, who have made their way from Florida to Harlan with the intent of setting up a new criminal enterprise. Boyd ( Walton Goggins), meanwhile, is working to free Ava ( Joelle Carter) from prison.

"Archer" will debut Monday, Jan. 13, kicking off a new night of originals on FX. It will be paired with "Chozen," a comedy about a gay white rapper just released from prison. FX also says Season 2 of "The Americans" will premiere in February but hasn't set a specific date yet.

"Chozen" had been slated to air on FXX and paired with live-action comedy "Legit," but plans changed when FX decided to create the Monday animation block. Season 2 of "Legit" will premiere on FXX in February along with the newly acquired "Ali G: Rezurrection," repackaged episodes of "Da Ali G Show" with new introductions by star Sacha Baron Cohen.
Photo/Video credit: FX