Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' covers, ridiculously photogenic guy, Joey Lauren Adams reminisces...

Each Friday, the Zap2it staff features five essential things we found [cool] [interesting] [useful] [hilarious] [poignant] [stupid] in the past week. Do you have your own Friday 5? Share them in the comments section below.

#1: 50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life
All of these people are awesome and most of these pictures are hilarious, but you can really tell it's Friday by the sheer amount of tears we cried while laughing at the photo of a cross-eyed pug going down a slide. Give the whole list a peek, you won't regret it. [More at Buzzfeed.]

pug-sliding-tumblr.jpg #2: Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" covers
Since we might've outplayed Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" on our iTunes (who knows what the actual, astronomical play count is -- we erase it regularly so it's not too embarrassing), it's nice to throw some lovely cover versions in and mix things up. This week, we're totally digging former "American Idol" contestant Andrew Garcia's take on the tune.

#3: Joey Lauren Adams Remembers Joey Lauren Adams Movies
In case you forgot just how charming she is, take a trip down memory lane as Adams goes through her IMDb page. Yep, still adorable.

#4: Corporate Twits
What's worse than awful Internet commenters? The poor people who have to take their crazy complaints seriously. They aren't getting paid enough. The tumblr Corporate Twits pays tribute to the poor saps. [See more: Corporate Twits]

corporate-twits.jpg #5: Ridiculously Photogenic Guy
Zeddie Little shot to Internet fame after a photographer noticed how handsome he looked in a candid shot of a run Little participated in, put it online, and a meme was born. Talk show appearances followed almost immediately. [Find out more at Know Your Meme.]

Photo/Video credit: Tumblr