Justin Bieber fans tweet Kim Kardashian death threats

kim-kardashian-justin-bieber.jpgWe love Justin Bieber here at Zap2it, but you Biebettes have us a little bit worried now! After Biebs and Kim Kardashian hung out together at the May 1 White House Correspondents dinner in Washington, D.C., Bieber tweeted " Look its my girlfriend @kimkardashian," along with the above photo.

Kardashian responded, "
I officially have Bieber Fever!!!" via her own Twitter page. 

Apparently, The Bieb's fans do not approve of these shenanigans. "
"I'm getting death threats from your fans!," Kardashian tweeted. "This is unBeliebable!!!" We're going to assume that she's been traumatized and forgive her for that horrible joke.