Justin Bieber gets 'Maple Syrup' to trend on Twitter. Sweet?

justin-bieber-gi-vmas2010-300x450.jpg Justin Bieber has tweeted, and the people follow.

The teen pop star, no stranger to becoming a Twitter trending topic himself, got the words "Maple Syrup" to hit the top of the trends on Twitter on Tuesday (Sept. 28) at the time of this posting.

How did such a wee boy dictate such a random phrase to hit the big time when it comes to social media? Simple: He was hungry.

Well, he was hungry and feeling a little whimsical.

His two tweets early in the day:

"Im thinking pancakes for breakfast....with some nice maple syrup. Who doesnt love maple syrup? I love maple syrup...."

He followed this with the quote "i happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup," spoken by Vince Vaughn's character from "Wedding Crashers" and a link to a YouTube clip with the scene in question: