Justin Bieber illegally tattoos man with the non-word 'swaggy' and a picture of a mouse

justin-bieber-mouse-tattoo-swaggy-bang-bang.jpg Justin Bieber famously has a lot of tattoos -- particularly given the fact that he's only been legally old enough to get them without parental consent for about six minutes. But the tables turned this week when Justin took a seat on the other side of the tattoo gun. Yes, someone -- an adult, even -- let Justin Bieber tattoo him.

Tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, who is apparently better known as "Bang Bang," let Justin draw a muscle-bound mouse on his leg. Permanently. Justin also wrote "swaggy" next to the mouse, which is not a word, but is defined on Urban Dictionary as "one of Justin Biebers favorite words meaning to have swag" or "Having swag. Being able to portray swag in the way a person walks, talks and dresses."

Unfortunately, Bieber does not have a tattoo license, so the facility where he tattooed "swaggy" on "Bang Bang" could be fined for operating with an unlicensed tattoo artist on site.
Photo/Video credit: Twitter