Justin Bieber: I'm 'too young to write a memoir'

Justin Bieber is just a kid and he wants you to know that he knows it.

The book "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story" that he'll release with HarperCollins in October is NOT a memoir, despite earlier reports that used that name.

The pop star explains on Twitter, "at the press conference someone asked me about the book we are putting out in October...just want to clear something up...it isnt a memoir...i teamed up with this amazing photographer robert and he has been taking pictures behind the scenes from before the tour.

"so the book will include all those pics and im going to tell the story of all that led up from rehearsals until the first night of the tour. pretty excited about it and think everyone will enjoy the story and the pics...but we can all agree im a little too young to write a memoir. but we can make a pretty great book with lots of exclusive stuff...but i just got a lot more life to live too :)"