Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers liven up White House Correspondents Dinner

jonas-brothers-white-house2.jpgThe White House Correspondents Association dinner, an annual convergence of policymakers, Hollywood A-listers and the journalists who cover them both, was held at the Washington Hilton in Washington D.C  Saturday (May 1).

Nearly 3,000 famous and powerful people ate something called wheatberry terrine and roasted halibut, before being entertained by "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno and President Obama, who is no slouch in the joke department.

Onstage, Obama snapped Leno as "the only person whose ratings fell more than mine," adding that he was glad to talk before Jay: "we've all seen what happens when you take the time slot after Leno."

But the interesting aspect of  the event, known on the Web as the ultimate Nerd Prom, is the unlikely couples you see: Star-struck politicians and policymakers mingling with power-blinded entertainers and celebrities.