Justin Bieber launches fragrance, likes Britney Spears' smell

justin-bieber-lakers-rockets-staples-gi-300x450.jpgWhat's that we smell? It's a little Eau de Bieber.

Justin Bieber will be releasing his own scent, but not in a pheromones kind of way.

"yes Im working on a real fragrance that will be in department stores next year," he confirms on Twitter. "and by real I mean a fragrance that comes in a tight bottle and smells...well u will see."

Despite his description, the unisex scent named "My World" won't be housed in any typical glass bottle. Instead, wristbands and dog tags will be infused with the scent, which will be embedded into a special patented resin technology. And like the ephemeral nature of youth or popularity, the scent won't last forever, fading after a year.

The product is still in the works though. As of Friday Oct. 22, he was still deciding on the scent.