Justin Bieber on 'Chelsea Lately': Us Weekly is 'trying to blow up my spot'

justin-bieber-chelsea-handler-kiss.jpgFresh off his Grammy "snub" (whether he should have won or not, we're not going there), Justin Bieber stopped by "Chelsea Lately" for a little Valentine's Day chat. As usual, Bieber had his charm going full force.

The Biebs makes no qualms when it comes to woo-ing the older ladies. He's made passes at Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters and of course, Chelsea Handler.

"You know it's embarrassing every time I see you with another woman," Handler jokes about his rumored relationship with Disney darling, Selena Gomez.

"You know in this collectors edition of Us Weekly, it talks all about all the women that you flirt with. And then it says 'Chelsea Handler, another one of your victims.' How do you think that makes me feel as a wo-man?" she asks.

"They're just trying to blow up my spot," Biebs retorts. He then proceeds to tell her, "You look very beautiful."

Reason No. 324 why we love JB: His frank response to being asked if he was disappointed about his Grammy loss.

"Yeah," was his immediate reply, garnering big laughs from Handler. "I'm not gonna lie, like you were expecting me to say something else, but I'm disappointed. But I'm really excited for her, she uh, she's worked hard."

"It's good that you're honest," Handler responds.

Another thing he's honest about during his appearance is his feelings on Lady Gaga and her ahem, creative wardrobe choices.

"She went for a hug, and I was like 'Oh... let's just hold up on that. You have meat on you,'" he jokes about his VMA run in with the "Bad Romance" singer.

When asked to compare her meat dress to her egg (excuse us, 'vessel') arrival at the Grammys, Biebs doesn't miss a beat.

"I thought both were weird," he quips. "But I mean, I don't know. People say its artistic and stuff... I'm just like, 'You're an egg.'"

You can watch the full clip below, and we recommend that you do. He even zings Handler on her rumored romance with 50 Cent.

Photo/Video credit: E!