Justin Bieber retiring? Reaction GIFs from 'Homeland,' 'Breaking Bad' and more

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Is Justin Bieber retiring? That's the rumor after the pop singer dropped the retirement bomb on a Los Angeles radio station Tuesday (Dec. 17).

The 19-year-old retiree-to-be mentioned his plans for what comes after his next album, "Journals." "I'm actually, uh, I'm retiring man. I'm retiring," Bieber told the host of "Big Boy's Neighborhood" on the Power 106 radio station

Sure, the whole thing is likely a joke, but what if it were true? Here is a collection of television reactions we might expect at this news.

Some people might be sad.

1-justin-bieber-retirement-homeland-carrie.gifVery sad.

3-justin-bieber-retirement-friday-night-lights.gifEven devastated.

4-justin-bieber-retirement-game-of-thrones-catelyn.gifOthers could express shock.

5-justin-bieber-retirement-new-girl-nick.gifMaybe even literal shock?

6-justin-bieber-retirement-arrow-barry.gifAnger is a possible reaction that we might expect at hearing Bieber news.

8-justin-bieber-retirement-orphan-black-alison.gifNews like this is hard to take in. Some people may not understand.

9-justin-bieber-retirement-snl-drunk.gifWe may not understand some of the reactions either.

10-justin-bieber-retirement-miss-america.gifThe more cynical amongst the TV characters might react with sarcasm.

12-justin-bieber-retirement-mad-men-don.gifAnd then there are those who might rejoice at Bieber-retirement news. There could be dancing.

16-justin-bieber-retirement-letterman-paul-rudd.gifFinally, we can go to the source and see Bieber's "CSI" character and his reactions.

18-justin-bieber-retirement-csi-bieber-dies.gifHow will you feel if Justin Bieber does retire?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, CBS, HBO, MTV, AMC, NBC, FOX, The CW, BBC, USA