Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend': Better at the Billboard Awards or on 'The Voice'?

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justin-bieber-billboard-awards-2012-gi.jpg Justin Bieber has been pushing his new single "Boyfriend" pretty hard in the last month, including doing a live performance on "The Voice." He did the song again at Sunday's (May 20) Billboard Music Awards.

We're curious, though, if you liked this version better than the one he did on "The Voice." He had the advantage of a bigger stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena at the Billboard Awards, which allowed him more room to roam and gave a bigger backdrop for his backup dancers.

"The Voice" performance, however, felt more personal because the camera could zoom in closer on him.

We'll post video of "Boyfriend" from the Billboard Awards when it's available, but for now here's the version he did on "The Voice." Which one do you like better?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images