Justin Bieber's new haircut: For real this time! Does he look more mature?

bieb-haircut.jpgWe all knew it had to happen some day, but we would've appreciated some notice, Justin Bieber, so that we could prepare ourselves for this traumatizing event. We only had two hours to steel ourselves for the scissor shock, after a coy, "thinking about getting a haircut....hmmmmmm," tweet.

Bieber is on the set of his new music video with Rascall Flatts, and he decided to go for a more "mature" look. Country music will do that to you. Bieb called in to TMZ live to chat with the newsroom about his life-changing day, admitting that he was nervous about the cut, but that he "wanted to change it up."

What do you think of his new locks? We'll reserve judgment for when we get some non-blurry photos. Just remember, Beliebers: hair grows. Time heals all wounds. Keep on keepin' on. Etcetera.


Photo/Video credit: TMZ