Justin Bieber reunites with Kim Kardashian in Bahamas. Next, Biebette backlash to ensue.

justinbieber-kimkardashian-twitpic-zap2it.jpgWe're afraid, we're very afraid for you, Kim Kardashian.

Luckily, The Dish Rag checked and there is no missing person report filed nor was an APB issued in the Bahamas looking for a popular reality TV star from E! -- phew!  As of this posting Kim is also still tweeting so the potential litany of problems from Justin Bieber's crazy loyal fans has not erupted yet -- operative word being "yet."

Apparently, Bieber invited celebrity girl crush friend Kim Kardashian to accompany him to a photo shoot in the Bahamas this past weekend. The outing marks the pair's first public reunion since the White House Correspondents Dinner in May 2010.  And since that first TwitPic went over kind of like a lead balloon with Bieb's millions of adoring female fans why not post more? Right?