Justin Bieber's 'worst birthday': 10 worse things that could have happened on his big day


In case you missed the news, Justin Bieber had a bad birthday. Actually, it wasn't just bad, it was the "worst birthday," according to the newly-minted 19 year old.

Just how bad could have been? He did get a Batman-style motorcycle and the waitresses at his party wore adorable "Happy Birthday Justin" t-shirts, after all. E! News reports that trouble arose when Bieber and his entourage got into a confrontation with security at London's Cirque Du Soir after the club wouldn't let his underage friends in for his birthday party, thus making it supposedly the most awful birthday of Bieber's life.

Oh no! That is the worst... or is it? Here are 10 things that could have made Bieber's day really terrible:

He could have had jury duty


He could have been stuck in the DMV... all day


He could have had his passport revoked


He could have had laryngitis


He could have been in an earthquake


Or a hurricane


He could have been dumped


He could have lost his job


No one could have shown up to his party


He could have died


Happy birthday, Justin! Maybe your 20th birthday party will be better.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images