Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are here to remind you hashtags are silly

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"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is doing its best to bring to light a growing problem in our social media-dominated culture: hashtags. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake put together a skit where they mock the increasingly popular hashtagging trend by speaking the way most people tweet, Facebook and Instagram.

With the exception of Timberlake's "Orange is the New Black" hashtag which is actually a valid one (after all, hashtags are meant to keep track of trends), this is a pretty hilarious spoof of the hashtag culture. Questlove said what everyone was thinking when he told them to please, please stop.

The best comment on the YouTube video came from the "Late Night" account itself, which writes, "#ProudOfYou #ThanksForWatching #EspeciallyIfYoureAtWork #UnlessYouWorkSomeplaceLikeAHo­spitalAndYoureASurgeonOrSometh­ing #InWhichCaseGetBackToWorkPeopl­eNeedYou #AndYouShouldntWatchYouTubeDur­ingSurgery #Probably."

Photo/Video credit: NBC