Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs were Cry-Baby Walker and Allison for Halloween

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kat-dennings-beth-behrs-getty.jpg "2 Broke Girls" actress Kat Dennings stopped by "Chelsea Lately" Thursday night (Oct. 31), where she talked about her Halloween plans, "Thor: The Dark World" and her rather large bosom.

On Halloween this year: "I'm going to be Cry-Baby Walker from 'Cry-Baby.' I'm so excited, I've wanted to do this for years. ... I have a leather jacket and a teardrop tattoo and Beth Behrs from '2 Broke Girls' is going to be Allison and it's going to be adorable."

As unbashed "Cry-Baby" fan, we are completely in love with that idea and we demand pictures.

On "Thor: The Dark World': "I shot it in London at the same time as Season 2 of '2 Broke Girls' ... I would do three episodes of the show, we would wrap on Tuesday night, I would get on a plane Wednesday morning, fly to London, work seven straight days, including weekends, fly home on a Tuesday, back to work on Wednesday. And I did that sporadically for six months."

"Are you expecting people to feel f***ing sorry for you? ... Isn't it funny how we get to do everything we've ever dreamed about in life and all we do is sit around and b**** about it?" cracks Chelsea Handler.

On her voluptuous figure: "Back pain, guys. Next time you see a girl with big boobs, just think about how horrible she feels on a daily basis. I was doing press for the movie in London last week and we were doing all these round-table interviews, so it was a lot of sitting for like 12 hours and my back was hurting me so much from just, like, sitting up. I have to lie down like every hour and a half."

"2 Broke Girls" airs Monday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
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