Kate Middleton rows dragon boats, Prince William shows off waterbirding helicopter maneuver in Canada

kate-middleton-canada.jpg Prince William and new bride Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are currently on the Canada portion of their North American tour. And while once they are in Los Angeles, the pair will be hobnobbing with actors at a BAFTA event, in Charlottetown the pair were cutting loose over the weekend with outdoor activities at Dalvay lake.

Kate participated in some dragon boat racing, acting as both a rowing member and trying her hand at the steering. She did participate in Crew at St. Andrew's, where she and Prince William met, so she fits right in with the Canadian teams.

Meanwhile, Prince William was busy participating in a "waterbirding" demonstration with a Sea King Helicopter. He landed on the water and turned circles, sort of like a giant duck. William is a as a flight lieutenant with the Royal Air Force and as such, he's a fully qualified helicopter pilot. He flies a British Sea King as part of serving for the Search and Rescue Force.

Looks like fun, William and Kate. Can't wait to welcome you to the U.S.!


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images