Kate Middleton's nose in high demand for plastic surgery in the U.S.

kate-middleton-nose-plastic-surgery.jpgFirst Kate Middleton's nose skyrocketed in popularity at plastic surgeons' offices in the United Kingdom -- now the fad has traveled across the pond.

Dr. Thomas Romo of Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan tells the New York Daily News that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's nose has become increasingly popular with women in their late 20s and 30s.

"Women, especially over the age of 28, want the nose of a woman who is regal, refined and strong. They certainly don't want the scooped out, over-affected, upturned, pinched nose of a pop star that you see in Seventeen magazine," says Romo.

Romo also calls the nose "a nice, natural-looking nose" that complements a lot of faces.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg adds, "A couple of months ago, these women started coming into my office and asking for Kate Middleton's nose. It has become so popular that we have made a file of a dozen Kate Middleton pictures to show patients when they come in for their consultation."

"They are looking for a natural nose on a beautiful woman and the Duchess is in the news all the time ... Kate Middleton is everywhere and everyone admires her nose," Greenberg continues.

A 22-year-old student named Jessica says Middleton's nose has it all -- "The bridge swoops. The tip doesn't fall when she smiles. And it's feminine."

What do you think, readers? Is Kate nose the perfect nose?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images