Kathy Griffin thanks Justin Bieber, Tea Party in Grammys 2014 acceptance speech

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Kathy Griffin keeps us laughing whenever she interacts with Ryan Seacrest, and that remained the same when she was walking the red carpet for the 56th Grammy Awards.

Considering she won the Best Comedy Album award for "Calm Down Gurrl," it's no wonder that Griffin had a funny speech. It's just who she thanked in that speech that is chuckle-worthy.

"I made a very poignant speech," Griffin tells Seacrest on E!. "I thanked you for being someone who has actually helped my career inadvertently [by being material]. I thanked you, I also thanked Oprah, Paula Abdul, Michelle Bachmann, the entire Tea Party, I thanked Justin Bieber for giving me his calm-down juice; everybody." 

Clearly that "calm-down juice" worked well for Bieber. Griffin also thanked Lindsay Lohan, as it turns out, after she danced up to the stage to accept her award.

This is Griffin's sixth Grammy Awards nomination and first win.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images