Kathy Griffin wants a Twitter war, got 'served by Speidi'

kathy-griffin-nbc-summer-2010-gi-large.jpgKathy Griffin has a new scheme for leaving the D-list.

"I am looking to have a Twitter war because that's something that could help me get ont he A-list," she told press on Monday (April 26). "I saw Demi Moore was having a Twitter war with Kim Kardashian, so I am on  a mission to find a high-profile celebrity to have a Twitter war with. I put it out there. I do my own twats on Twitter, so please follow me. My twats have a lot to say."

Her Twitter war wishlist started out pretty ambitious, but quickly devolves into D-list celebs.

"Oprah would be my dream, but if not Oprah, maybe Dr. Phil or maybe someone from 'Jersey Shore,'" she mused. "Maybe myself and The Situation could have a Twitter war -- not that he can read, but somebody could translate it into Jersey.