Is Katie Holmes planning to run?


Katie Holmes showed up in an Armani pantsuit and heels on the "Lions for Lambs" red carpet just hours after finishing a marathon? Is she Superwoman or what?

But far more alarming is not that it happened, but that we had no clue she was planning to run the grueling race. Apparently, OK! reported her plans to tackle the run a few weeks ago. But who reads that?

Why weren't we kept informed with daily long-lens photos and blurry footage of her daily training runs over the past few weeks? Has the paparazzi become so focused on Britney Spears activities that they let these photo ops slip by?

Training for a marathon takes months. And even though she was reportedly in disguise, she had to have entered using her own name. Even if organizers insist she used a fake name, someone must have known it was her. Couldn't they be bought? George Clooney's hospital reports get leaked but not Katie's marathon registration?

This is disgraceful.   

It's time to demand a moratorium on all Britney news. There are far more important celebrities to focus on, people.

Next thing you know, we'll miss Katie's shuttle launch and then hear that that she's the first celebrity in history to walk on the moon.

Or we'll miss her entire presidential campaign and find out she's won and become the first actress to be elected President of the United States.

See how these things can snowball?

Of course, some might argue that this is really only Katie's trial run to prepare for her real sprint; away from the controlling clutches of Tom Cruise! Let's keep a close watch, shall we?

Photo Credits: WireImage