Katie Holmes' slutty pumpkin: 'How I Met Your Mother' first look clip

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himym-slutty-pumpkin1.jpgIt's finally here, "How I Met Your Mother" fans: the slutty pumpkin is upon us. Monday's Oct. 31 episode of "HIMYM" takes us back to that fateful Halloween when Ted ( Josh Radnor) met The Slutty Pumpkin. This year, they're finally reuniting -- and the highly-publicized pumpkin will be played by Katie Holmes.

"I'm gonna go make some Tootsie Rolls," she says. "It's a drink I invented. There's a song and dance that goes along with it, but I have to drink three of them before I can do it."

It's the perfect set up for Barney's ( Neil Patrick Harris) "Ted, have you tasted her Tootsie Roll?" She basically walked right into it.

"Katie is a lovely and talented actress," says series creator Craig Thomas. "Which is why we've saved for her perhaps the most classily named character in our show's history."

Photo/Video credit: CBS