Katy Perry and John Mayer are 'collaborating' - wink, wink

Katy Perry has a new album called "Prism" on the way, which may or may not feature her on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer. But he is clearly being featured in ... uh ... other areas of the pop star-turned-actress' life, as she teasingly confirms on the blue carpet at "The Smurfs 2" premiere.

When "Extra" asked Katy if she and John are going to collaborate on a song for the new album, Katy responds slyly, "Uh, we're doing a lot of 'collaborating'" and throws two slow-motion winks at the camera. Oh, Katy ...

In Sony's sequel to 2011's "The Smurfs," Perry gets a chance to flirt with her naughty side as Smurfette considers joining Gargamel's evil forces to help create a troupe of Smurf wannabes called The Naughties. 

"The Smurfs 2" is in theaters July 31.
Photo/Video credit: Extra