Katy Perry fan vandalizes Russell Brand billboard

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katy-perry-russell-brand-billboard-tmz.jpgTiming is everything and it just so happens that comedian Russell Brand's new FX show, "Brand X with Russell Brand" is launching the same week as his estranged wife's movie, "Katy Perry: Part of Me." And one die-hard fan took advantage of the timing to vandalize a Hollywood billboard promoting brand's show with a show of solidarity for Perry.

"I would rather watch the Katy Perry movie" spray-painted the fan on a billboard on Hollywood's Sunset Blvd. Brand's show premieres Thursday (June 28) on FX, while Perry's documentary-style 3-D movie hits theaters on Friday (June 29).

In the movie, Perry goes into detail about her split from Brand, who she married in 2010. Brand filed for divorce in December 2011.

Photo/Video credit: TMZ